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We seek to create positive on-ice experiences that support healthy development in our young people.


Our $250,000 Goal

With your support we can raise $250,000 to provide free and low-cost youth hockey and skating programs to children in our community for the next decade. These programs will help participants develop important life skills that are proven to increase adaptive and positive behavior among at-risk youth.

Our Community

Biddeford, Maine is the third largest city in Maine. It is a wonderful and proud hockey town, but we are not without our challenges – poverty, crime, and the opioid crisis all have a foothold in our city and the surrounding areas.
We want to affect positive change in our community by giving children the opportunities to develop life skills and valuable relationships through skating and youth ice hockey.

Reducing Risk to our Youth

Youth hockey is a fun, safe, winter activity. It keeps kids active, instills discipline, has cool gear and is enjoyable for children of any skill level. Through hockey, players can learn valuable life skills while they make new friends.   For kids with behavioral issues, learning disabilities, and minor physical disabilities hockey delivers an equal environment for all to participate. Hockey really is for everyone!

Delivering Quality and Value

  • BYHA will continue to deliver top quality competitive Ice Hockey programs like we have since 1973.
  • Now we want to expand our reach to :
    • Include kids in the community who are prohibited by cost;
    • Include older kids who want to join the fun;
    • Include those who are new to the community – who have never been exposed to hockey or who are from countries where hockey is not available;
    • Reduce the barriers to trying something new;
    • Breakdown the stigma that hockey is for only wealthy athletic kids who start playing at 4 years old;
    • Share the message that youth hockey really is for everyone in our community.

Biddeford Youth Hockey Association

Quality, Value and Community.

A non-profit community organization, Since 1973

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Biddeford (Maine) Youth Hockey Association

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